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OLA Branding is a company branch from eMeCe Works which counts with offices in Miami, Mexico City and Barcelona. Our work is to represent and offer first hand solutions to the Latinamerican market, always offering our clients and suppliers with the best benefits.


Our success is being a business partner with the capacity of turning in an efficient resources extension, considering that our team leader counts with 25 years of experience in different strategic áreas, being always at the cutting-edge technology and resources.

Key points to our success:

Reaching our business goals, competitivity improvement and giving an efficient service to our clients.

Being the contact between specialist and user.

Being the contact between manufacturer and market.



To those designers and people who require an absolute control over their tipography Font collection in a professional way.The best way to organise, visualize and utilice your collection of typography Font.


Principle Characteristics

More easily, find, visualize and select the typography Font desired.

Activate your typography fonts only when necessary.

Guarantee that the correct Font is always used in every document (FontSense).

Organise your Font Collection by Project, client or how you consider it more convenient.

Compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 (october 2017 version) and QuarkXPress 2017

Authomatic syncronization with the cloud in every of your equipments (TypeSync).

Available for different platforms: Mac, PC and iOS.

Includes FontDoctor to look over for damages in the Fonts.

The Ultimate Font Server Solution for business management.

For those companies that require effective and efficient control of their fonts, of all their personnel and in all their work stations.

Efficient Font Distribution

Universal Type Server makes it easy to keep your team on task with easy to setup and distribution.

The Right Font, Every Time

With our Font Sense technology font management has never been so seamless.

Robust Reporting

Ensure that the fonts you purchase are actually being used and you're in compliance.

Keep Your Team Safe

Ensure your users legally have access to the fonts they need to get the job done - and keep unlicensed fonts out.

Professional Tool Integration

Tight integration via auto-activation plug-ins for professional creative software including Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 and QuarkXPress 2017.

Web-Based Administration

Simple to setup, IT professionals love how easy it is to maintain reliably.

Font Tracking & Compliance

Ensure that the fonts you purchase are actually being used and you're in compliance.

Maximize Creativity

Industry standard font tools enable your team's creativity and productivity. Find, preview and activate fonts in record time.

The best way to organize, visualize and use your collection of digital assets

Why Do You Need Digital Asset Management?

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With the exponential growth in the number of digital assets and media files, having an efficient system to manage them is paramount to maximize productivity. Being able to quickly find, distribute and share assets can save countless hours searching for files. When files cannot be located, added costs go into recreating or repurchasing them. Even worse, some files can be lost forever if not properly archived. To add to the chaos, many files never find their way off the smartphone, or are scattered across various social channels, and will never be cataloged.

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Without a system to centralize, organize and make use of the flood of digital content, companies are losing time, money and ultimately, opportunities. This unnecessary frustration can be easily avoided by implementing the right DAM solution.

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Check out the Digital Asset Management Infographic to see how medium-sized businesses could save nearly $38,000 annually by implementing a DAM system.

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ROI Calculator

Pain Points

Stakeholders cannot find or access the files they need for important projects.
Assets are difficult to share.
Internal and external users continue to use outdated files or assets with expired licenses.
Assets go unused or are overused.
Process and cost inefficiencies.
Projects take too long/are bottlenecked – causing missed deadlines, lost opportunities.
Resources are being wasted on unnecessary efforts (single person tasked with finding assets, recreation or repurchase of assets).




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